Design consultation

1.0 Receive design brief and conduct fact-finding.

We are curious about your lifestyle and how you interact with your space. Let’s start chatting over your design brief, floor-plan and mood board.

We gather feedback, along with your initial thoughts and elaborate on our working process.

A significant part of what we do on a day-to-day basis is to understand your living habits before we start our ideation.

Taking this further

2.0 Commencement of ideation.

Establishing our comprehensive design development and planning process, with full deposit of our design fees.

This allows us to move into ideation, visual conceptualization in full swing, together with a holistic breakdown of the scope for building phase budgeting.

This approach minimizes downtime and allows us to work efficiently.


3.0 Sharing of design proposal.

Presenting to you our space planning, color palette & material proposal, 3D visual impression & interior styling proposal.

At this point, we will collaboratively review the budget breakdown, project milestone and schedule for the building phase, as you formally engage us for the next building phase.


4.0 Construction phase.

The commencement of our on-site construction works marks the beginning.

Our creative and dedicated project site management team will initiate the process with a kick-start meeting on site and continue to oversee the project, conducting site supervision and providing regular progress updates across all communication platforms.

We ensure the completion of all tasks and maintain a safe environment for occupancy until your home is delivered.